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Birthdate:Jul 31
Location:Michigan, United States of America
||About Me||
My name is Bonnie. I was born 07-31-85. I am engaged to a fantastic man named Patrick, who is the single most important person in my life. Patrick and I are, currently, endeavoring to write a novel together. We have plenty of ideas, but we’re still working on the putting pen to paper part. It is a project, but one we intend to work on to make a name for ourselves.

I am a high school graduate, I have attended a trade school for computer repair, I’ve done several semesters of college at several different institutions. I have gone through phases of wanting to be one thing or the other, but it always comes back to me wanting to be a writer.

My hobbies include graphic design, writing, reading, singing, drawing, playing video games, playing Magic: the Gathering, listening to music, playing Dungeons and Dragons, reading comic books, watching movies, watching television, watching cartoons, and collecting superhero things… (t-shirts, stuffed dolls, action figures, dvds…) I also enjoy cooking quite a good deal, it’s the clean-up I hate.

I’m an avid fan of DC Comics and WildStorm comics. But I’ve sampled from many different companies and imprints and tend to judge on content instead of what company produces them. I have read Sandman. I have not read Civil War, this is something I intend to change, eventually.

I have a severe problem with motivation and procrastination—but when the situation really calls for it, I can move.

Lizzie, Melissa, Billy, and Eri are my closest friends and I love them all dearly. They have been with me through difficult times and I owe them so much.

A quick end-note: I design most, if not all, of the graphics on my page… icons and layout included. If you’d like a layout designed, e-mail me some details at
||About My Writing||
I’m not fan of current comic book canon. You’ll notice this if you read my writing, most of which is in its own mish-mash universe, or the canon it draws from is out of date. This is something that I do, because the current stuff is bothersome for me… and fanfiction is for making the things canon screws up better. :)

My fandom is generally DCU. I don’t really write much in others, though occasionally I write crossovers. I've begun to write in the M*A*S*H fandom.

I’m generally a writer of slash fanfiction… but I write het and gen on occasion. If you’d like to make a request, you can e-mail me at

I used to have a list of preferred pairings, but it’s out of date, perhaps I’ll add it once more when I hash it out again in its entirety.
||News and Updates||
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